Safety is #1

Know the conditions before biking or taking out a watercraft.  Planning a day includes thinking hours ahead of you.  Remember conditions quickly change and preparation could mean the difference between fun and disaster.  Northward will not rent any equipment regardless of skill level during unsafe or forecasted weather conditions.  We appreciate your cooperation as your safety is number one to us.  So, if you want to ensure you have a memorable and fun time out, follow the below steps and never take chances


1. The safety equipment provided is NOT optional to wear.  State Law requires is and so do we.  You are more than welcome to provide your own as long as it meets the same standards.


2. Know the weather.  Use the weather app to see what's happening the entire time of rental

2. Never go out without a buddy or without notifying another. 

3. Gear up!  Sunscreen, hat, bug-screen, dry bag, sunglasses, bandannas, swimsuit, bike shorts, gloves, water etc..

4.  Do you know the area?  If not use a system!  GPS, Google Maps, paper maps, navigation.  We encourage the use of ONYX maps. 

4. Know your limits!  Remember this is not the Ironman


5. Plan a route.  There are some great views and sights.

6. Watch the videos on this page.